Full Body Picture of Printempo"

A full body picture showing Printempo as the fidgety person that she is. The background reveals just how incapable she is of standing still for long. For this drawing, I tried a couple things, mixing different colours (though for some reason the yellow didn't get picked up by scanner?), and using whiteout as a highlighting tool (which worked okay). I gave her an interesting outfit. Her extremities wrapped in purple and white clothing is especailly fascinating, and not just because purple is my favourite colour (though I would be lying if I said that didn't help)!
Printempo, sister of Spring, is quite the character. From her ridiculing Summer for her height to her bragging of her coding skills, and her being ridiculed by summer to being told of all the basic things she's bad at; Printempo is an outlandish addition to Spring and Autumn's household!

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