About me!

Hello y'all! I am the not-so-famous Soda-Stroyed! I am a man of many hobbies and talents, though I am most known for being a self-taught artist and an avid dungeon master.

Though I always had fun drawing in the margins of school notes and on scrap paper, I would feel my true calling to art when I decided to make a video game for a school project. The idea was it to be an rpg made in RPG Maker, and for the characters to have their own graphics drawn by me. Of course I was awful at art, but enamoured by the idea of creating a world of my own; so I kept on practicing, and creating new characters, until the RPG was done. Unfortunately the art was never good enough to make it into the game, but I kept this passion and continued to draw.
Four years later, I am where I am now. 23 sketchbooks, of which 20 are completed, fill my cabinet and I've vastly improved. Though I am by no means a perfect artist, I am proud of the journey I've done to get where I am now.

Other than art, I'd say my next major hobby is dungeons and dragons. My first experience with the tabletop rpg was fourth edition in grade 7, which would have been great if I had more than two players (and one of them was me). Eventually I gave up on fourth edition and DnD became a distance memory, until I rediscovered DnD in early 2017 with fifth edition. Immediately I started playing fifth edition and it held my time hostage. Since then, I've created homebrew content, run three different campaigns, created my own DnD discord server, and so forth.

My other minor hobbies include listening to music, learning languages (currently Japanese and German), and coding!

You may have wondered, why is this website in html? Well simply put, I find coding fun and I think building my website from scratch, although not as flashy as wordpress or other website builders, will help me think about the way I code and organize webpages. And hey, nobody ever got good by skipping the hard stuff (alright maybe some do, but not me).

If you wish to contact me you can do so by emailing me at sodastroyed@gmail.com or by joining my discord server and contacting me there (Discord server still under construction). Otherwise you can attempt to contact me on twitter and such. However, other than discord, it may take up to a couple days for me to get back to you.

Due to the sprawling nature of the internet
Here are the various places you can find me!

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