Graphite Drawing of Isten Kiraly"

This is another graphite drawing, but this one I feel like I've done a really bang up job. A smidge added realism to graphite can produce some wonderful things. The monochrome eyes really helps to set in that coldness, along with the morose-coloured military garb. This headshot picture of the teenage dictator-to-be displays the cold military might that I'm sure she'd want to exude.
Isten Kiraly was born into a hyper-elite family who have money in the military, pharmaceuticals, and oil industries. Perhaps being born into such privilege gave her the will to wield it over a submissive populace, or perhaps her fervent interest in 20th century dictators had her desire to become one herself. Either way, this albino heiress is not only intelligent, but perceptive and persuasive - a deadly combination for such a high-office seeker.

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