Stippling Drawing of Flower

Stippling (or pointalism) is a style of ink art that has the artist make lots of little dots to fill the whites of their page. This style is very tedious, requiring almost twice as much time as hatching, however the result is quite interesting. The resulting pictures will typically have a smoother gradiation between values (at least for me), and have a texture all of its own.
A gentle giant in its purest form. Flower is an 8 foot tall half-elf the result of a Red Dragon's scientific meddling. Other than her freakish height (but just as noticeable), her right arm is bulging with veins and skin replaced with some sort of membranous material; two little tumors spew hot air. Her face, almost entirely covered, never seems to emote. All of this unsettles most, but those close see an 8 foot tall child with an unfortunate history, who constantly quakes - seemingly scared of her own shadow.

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