Welcome to my Website!

Hello y'all I am the not-so-famous Soda-Stroyed! I welcome you to my website, a simple html website that I coded myself and hope to grow into something special!

Art Commissions?

Yep I've begun to do art commissions! I am a self-taught artist and spend most of my free time drawing and doodling. If you'd like to see my gallery, please click here for some of the pictures I've made.

As for pricing (Prices are listed in USD):
Basic sketch prices are set at the following:

  • Headshots = 4$
  • Bust up = 6$
  • half body = 8$
  • full body = 10$

  • After the basic sketch, you can add the following:
    Inking the outlines (so b/w lineart)+4$
    After inking the outlines, you can get full inking for +4$
    Cleaning up the sketch and finishing it with graphite +8$

    Finally, for backgrounds the options are:
    White background (or any other single-colour) is 0$
    Simple background +4$
    Complex background +8$

    If you have a commission or any other business inquiries or questions, contact me at sodastroyed@gmail.com or dm me on any of my social media (I respond fastest on discord). To see all of my social media, please visit my about me page.


    To celebrate me finally kicking it into high gear and properly setting up this whole thing, until the end of 2019, all prices are 25% off (not applied to the prices above).
    In addition, the first ten customers will enjoy another 25% off as a thank you! (A total of 50% off the price!)

    D&D Homebrew and other stuff

    If you are here for D&D, please click here.