Ink Drawing of Rakdos

this inked drawing features a minotauress barbarian in the midst of combat. Her Confident pose, with the background warping to surround her head like a halo, rallies up a sense of victory. However the slightly off facial expression tells a different tale. One of mournful yearning. This added mystery adds an unsettling layer to the confident and almost majestic beast that stands in combat. You may (or may not) be familiar with the Rakdos that plays a major role in the politics of the Rakdos Guild in Magic: The Gathering. This Rakdos takes after him, with the same chaotic attitudes and being a minatour, however this Rakdos plays as a humble and eternally loyal servant to the Lich Lord Nicodemus. The Lich utilises her fierce power to force his enemies to bow and surrender their land to him.

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