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Homebrew Races

In this section, you'll find my Homebrew Races, organized by name.


"Who will miss you, soft-skin? A wife? A child? Perhaps they will learn from your fate and teach future generations to stay away from the forest."-Quote based off the Magic: The Gathering card, Triton Shorestalker

The villified and fabled Arachne live alone in the deepest throws of the forest, mountains and jungles of the islands. Believed to have been cursed ages ago, their body is a grotesque union between the upper half of the body and the bottom half of a spider. Their upper half is usually a mix of skin colour, but usually favouring the extremities of either the dark ebony or the pale albino. The spider half also seems stricken by this polarization, usually being completely hairy or completely void of it.

Arachne Society

The Arachne society is one frought with xenophobia and close-knit families. Usually, Arachne will live in tribes stemming of only a handful of families, with the average family consisting of 2 parents and 1-2 children, almost always 1 son and 1 daughter. The mother takes on the role of teaching the daughters, and the father takes on the of teaching the sons. The tribe leader tends to oscillate between the eldest female and the eldest male. Though tribes can vary on these aspects, they are all tethered together by a sense of betrayal and severe animosity towards the other islanders. Few even consider making contact with them, even fewer consider befriending one. Despite their hermit nature. Arachne's pride themselves on their worth to their tribe, usually proving themselves through hunting successes or their magic sensitivity.
Arachne society does not see physical maturity as the full maturation of a fledgling arachne, rather they must prove themselves to the tribe, and then the elder bestows them a new name reflecting their achievement.

Arachne names

Arachne tend to have two names, their child name (given by the parents) and an adult name (given by the elder).
Adult names depend purely on the achievement, and child name is usually the colour of their skin and a flower, followed by the season in which they were born.
examples include:
OrchidUmber Winter.
Whitelily fall.
Paletulip spring.
Adult names will typically include the season.

Arachne Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity increases by 2, and your Wisdom increases by 1.
Age: Arachne develop quickly, reaching maturity at around age 6, and can live as long as into their 500s
Alignment: Due to their strong ties to tribe and family, they tend towards the lawful alignments.
Size: Arachne can vary between 6 and 8 feet, and are about as wide. Your size is medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30ft. Your speed is not reduced by webbing.
Superior Darkvision: You can see in dim light as if it were bright light, and you can see in darkness as if it were dim light. You have 120ft of darkvision, but cannot discern colour in darkness, seeing only in shades of grey.
Spider Climb: You have a climbinb speed equal to your walking speed and you can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check.
Many-eyed: You are proficient in perception.
Web: Once per day you are able to cast Web without material components, with wisdom as your spell casting ability. Your web has a faintly glows with a purple hue.
Natural Crafter: You have proficiency with one artisan's tool of your choice.

Random height and weight

Height Weight
6'5" + 2d12 300 x(3d10)


"Steigen, if you keep staring at me, I'm going to hit you..." - Eloton, an 'atypical' holstaur.

Paragraph exlpaining basics of the holstaur and their appearance Holstaurs are gentle beasts and amiable creatures, often living in rural villages and working as farmhands. They are descendants of the Minotaurs, and keep the hooves and horns that they are well known for. Although their horns are typically more white and smoother than a Minotaur's. They stand taller than your average human, and are considerably stronger. Unfortunately, they are considerably less intellegent than your average human, and often considered a child in a minotaur's body. They can be quite aloof and whimsical, albeit a bit clumsy and not always knowing their own strength. Their milk is very well regarded for its taste and some local adventurers, who cannot afford the price tag of a healing potion, rely on it during their adventures.

Holstaur Society

Holstaurs almost always live in farming villages or small towns, preferring the simplicity of farming life to the confusing toils of city life. They are very well known for being kind and helpful, and almost never consider committing crimes.

Holstaur Names

Holstaurs are typically named by their mothers, who almost always name their children after their own mother's mother. They tend to be named after local flowers. Exmaples include Daisy or lily.

Holstaur traits

Ability Score Bonus: Your Strength increase by 2, but Your Intelligence decreases by 2. Your other Ability Score Bonus will be determined by your subrace.
Age: Holstaurs begin maturing at age 8, and fully mature at age 15.
Alignment: Holstaurs, due to their kind nature, are almost always good, and as well, they tend towards lawful or neutral alignments.
Size: Holstaurs stand between 5 feet and 6 feet tall on average. Your size is medium
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30ft. Racial features:
Monster Girl: You are female, and all your offspring will be a holstaur as well.
Strong build: When calculating how much you can push, lift, drag, or carry, you count as one size larger.
Holstaur milk: If you have been fully nourished for a full seven days, you can create 1d4+your constitution modifier (min. 1) bottles of
holstaur milk. If you have been poisoned within the past seven days, there is a 25% that a bottle produced will contain poison, which upon being drunk the consumer must make a dc 12 constitution saving throw, becoming poisoned until they complete a long rest. Milk of Motherhood: Upon becoming pregnant, you will consume twice as much food as you currently do until you die. As well, you now produce thick holstaur milk instead of your regular holstaur milk for your milk feature.

Height Weight
5'5" + 2d6 140 x(2d6)
Holstaur subraces
The Domestic Holstaur

The hardy typical Holstaur that lives in the rural farmlands. They are kind and friendly, and usually love to give a helping hand to locals. If not beign farmhands, they are typically labourers and can even take part in local militia if need be.
Racial traits:
Ability Score Bonus: You gain +2 to your Constitution score.
Extra Thick Holstaur Milk: Once per month, you can produce one bottle of extra thick holstaur milk. This milk has special properties, such as it never expires.

The Feral Holstaur

The atypical holstaur that is more akin to its root of the minotauress. They are more aggressive and like to segregate themselves from societies, preferring to be surrounded by nature.
Ability Score Bonus: You gain +1 to your dexterity score
Capable feet: Your walking speed becomes 35, and your movement is not affected by difficult terrain.
Combative: You are proficient in martial weapons. Additionally, whenever you score a critical hit, you can choose to deal average damage. You can choose after you've already rolled damage, but before the outcome is determined.
Gore: During combat, if you move at least half your walking speed and attack a creature, You can deal an extra d4 bludgeoning damage per 10 feet you've moved. Additionally, they must succeed on a DC 8 + Your strength modifier + your proficiency modifier or fall prone. You can perform this once, and afterwards can reuse it after completing a short or long rest.

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